Cynthia Rao

Psychosynthesis Counsellor and EFT Practitioner
Post Graduate Diploma Psychosynthesis

My interest in therapy started 30 years ago with my own personal search to questions I had about my life. I made a conscious decision to pursue, whatever it took, to be able to live my life in peace with myself and those around me.

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Tooley Street, London Bridge, City of London SE1 | Lombard Street Bank, Central London EC3

Counselling Central London: Relationship, Anxiety, Depression and EFT Counsellor

London Bridge SE1/Bank EC3 Sessions on Zoom available

I am a Psychosynthesis and EFT Counsellor based in Bank EC3 and London Bridge SE1 Face to Face or online with Zoom

I work with a combination of Psychosynthesis counselling and energy techniques. I work this way because I have found it to be very effective in working with anxiety and depression and many other issues. Sometimes, we can gain a lot of relief by just talking, but not always. Talking can bring a lot of pain into our awareness and then may take a while to leave. EFT/Matrix can alleviate these painful and uncomfortable feelings. This is why I use counselling and EFT/Matrix Reimprinting in sessions.



There are so many counsellors and therapists in Central London and practicing in so many different ways with so many different techniques how can a person choose what is right for them? My advice is keep looking until you find someone you feel comfortable with rather than how they have been trained. Clients reported more important than the techniques or kind of psychotherapy used was the relationship that formed between therapist and client. Therapy can give you the sense of what you have missed in your life. If you had an absent parent, then therapy can sometimes give you the sense of what that must be like to have someone there for you. You can also build up feelings of self-worth that someone is giving you 100% attention. There are many things that you will get from counselling many of which you would never think possible just by having someone listen and empathise with you.


I have found in my counselling practice that by combining Psychosynthesis Counselling and EFT/Matrix Reimprinting that my clients are able to explore their issues on a much deeper level. The resistance we feel to working on ourselves is there for a reason and that reason is protection. We all develop survival strategies to get us through our childhood. We may have had to keep quiet and bury our feelings. and for people who grew up in severely dysfunction families then disassociate or completely split off those parts that have been wounded so severely it is unbearable to be connected.


So, working with resistance has to be done very carefully. Working with different parts, sub-personalities we can acknowledge and dialogue with these parts. You can look at it like this, imagine you have a child inside you who has been ignored for a long time is given time attention and invited to come closer. That child needs to know he or she can trust you after you have ignored them for so long. A relationship needs to be built. Once this process has begun we can begin to have a relationship with these children until they feel safe enough to come home (integrated). Like all relationships this takes consistency, time, patience and love just like good parenting.

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Please feel free to contact me for an initial interview. This will be a chance to see if I can be of use to you and there is no obligation for further sessions:

If you would like to come and have an initial session to see if we could work together please feel free to call me on 0794 707 1908. I am based in Bank (EC3) a few minutes from Bank Tube Station convenient if you live or work in and around Liverpool Street (EC2) the City Square Mile and London Bridge (SE1). EFT Central London - Call 0794 707 1908

  • Abuse, Addiction to Love and Sex
  • Anger, Anxiety and Bullying
  • Codependence, Lack of Confidence and Debt
  • Depression, Domestic violence, Fear and Grief
  • Loneliness, Midlife crisis and Obsessions
  • OCD, Panic attacks, Phobias
  • Post traumatic stress, Racial abuse, Rape
  • Redundancy
  • Low Self-esteem and Self-harm
  • Sexual abuse, Sexuality

We are controlled by everything with which our self becomes identified.
We can control everything from which we disidentify ourselves.

Psychosynthesis, Roberto Assagioli, 1965

Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is NOT philosophy. This is physics.

Albert Einstein.