Anxiety Counselling London

Symptoms of anxiety are: feeling restless with a sense of dread, on edge and nervous all the time. Concentrating or focus is very difficult. Spending time with people is difficult especially if people don’t really understand how you are feeling. Work can be hard especially if you are in a stressful environment and have to work to deadlines or when you are in a job you cannot make mistakes. If you are in a job where you have to keep your anxiety and fears to yourself it can be lonely and only exacerbate what you feel.


Chronic anxiety can also lead to more serious issues such as Pure-O which is obsessive thoughts without the more common compulsive disorders as washing hands and checking things are turned off. Pure-O is something that is hidden as they are your thoughts but is very debilitating. I have worked with people suffering in this way and it can be worked through and managed. It is hard work but for many people they have lived this way for decades and so their brain chemistry has become used to the neural pathways that lead to this disorder.


It is not a comfortable way to live your life where anxiety is a constant. Where even something that is meant to be enjoyed spending time with friends or going on holiday is clouded with anxiety.You receive an unexpected bill or find that you have not paid something and suddenly the fear of getting into trouble overwhelms you. What part of you is being triggered into fear and anxiety? Do you know? Unfortunately, not many people are lucky enough to get through childhood without being scared or at worst traumatised and we carry the scars into adulthood. The beliefs we took on as children are still informing the decisions and choices we make, and we are held back because of that. Can you think of something you don’t do because of fear? Are you in an unhappy relationship because you fear of being alone? Are you constantly trying to control things and people around you, so you feel a measure of control? Anxiety and fear can hold us in such a tight grip that we only live half a life.


Take a minute to see if you can to explore the anxiety, see where you feel the anxiety in your body. Most people feel anxious in their stomach or chest. What is the sensation? Does it make you feel too uncomfortable to focus on this? Can you only focus for a short time before you need to distract yourself?


Anxiety counselling London we will work towards understanding what purpose the anxiety serves because it is there for a very good reason. Where do the roots of anxiety stem from – perhaps, it was something like getting lost or someone bullying you and you took certain beliefs away from the situation that now inform your life.


Talking about what happened to you with using energy techniques you will be able to start to alleviate the anxiety to be able to process it as an adult. When particularly unpleasant things happen to us as children we did not have the capability of processing them. Consequently, we are forced to push down those feelings where it stays buried but not silent.