EFT Counsellor London

EFT is a technique that is easy to use and its free! Once you know the very basic tapping points you are ready to go. Useful in the moment when you feel overwhelmed by work or having problems with colleagues. Ten minutes in a quiet space can help you to centre and ground yourself so that are able to face difficult situations. Not only will it take down your anxiety or fear but oftentimes will give you a different perspective on a situation. Tapping on the meridians helps us to see a bigger picture much likehaving the blinkers taken off. We can also work with Matrix Reimprinting for more painful and traumatic memories. This can have a huge effect on confidence and self-esteem. For chronic and difficult issues, I advise seeing a counsellor who uses EFT/Matrix Reimprinting.


EFT has been used with American veterans who after 40 years are still suffering from PTSD. It is also being used in Africa to help child soldiers and also victims of Rwandan genocide. Especially useful in places where therapy is not possible or available EFT can be taught by one person to groups who can then lead others through the process. The kinds of traumas from war or genocide are hard to talk about, indeed how would you find the words to describe such horrific situations. It is easier when tapping to say a few words to alleviate the stuck trauma energy such as ‘it will never get better’ ‘this is unbearable’. This will help to alleviate the tension or pressure you feel physically.


You will find that as you tap you it becomes easier to vocalise how you are feeling and eventually to tell what happened to you. For anyone not familiar with EFT it sounds like ‘take this pill to lose all excess weight in a week’ but you don’t have to believe EFT works you just have to try it. Find a practitioner who can teach the technique, or you can just as easily find it online. There are many YouTube videos. However, I would recommend that you find a professional counsellor to work with depending on the severity of your issues.