My sessions with Cynthia have been of great help to me. She is a very accepting and understanding counsellor and has helped me work through and understand a number of issues. EFT in particular has been very effective (despite my initial scepticism) in helping lessen the emotional heaviness of an problem - somehow it seems to lighten the charge the experience has and this has helped me move through whatever was causing the problem or upset. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new approach to working through emotional blocks, fears etc. I have found it very helpful and effective.


I started working with Cynthia following a divorce which had left me feeling very deeply hurt and struggling to heal the wounds that this created and the old wounds it had re-opened from my past. Cynthia’s approach was eclectic – picking the best methods to deal with each issue as we discovered it and needed healing – all encompassed in the structure of psychosynthesis. Essentially I think of Cynthia as a wise woman, who with knowledge, experience and instinct helped me discover the root of the hurt, however far back in my past, and most importantly then find ways for it to truly heal. I have cleared the pain from my divorce plus phobias and fears held for over 30 years feeing me up to be a happy, healthy and hopefully wiser woman too. I would recommend Cynthia to anyone who needs help to move forward in life, whatever the cause of the pain, she can help you find a way through the fog to a sunny day again.


I received some sessions of EFT from Cynthia Rao as I was feeling very anxious. Cynthia was very professional and intuitive. She knew her stuff and guided me through the elements of EFT. I had previously suffered from headaches on a daily basis in which I need to take tablets for, after a session of EFT with Cynthia I found that my headaches had subsided and I have not taken any tablets since. With EFT I have found a way I can work with my feelings of anxiety and feel much more optimistic about the future. I want to thank Cynthia very much and I will certainly seek her counselling services again.


I work with a combination of Psychosynthesis techniques

and Emotional Freedom Techniques and Matrix Reimprinting.


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